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The Cynic Comics Digest Issue 4: Bad Behavior At Work
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Scott has never been politically correct, but he’s not even close to being civil or subtle which is why he of all people needs behavior code training at work. Now his job was stupid enough to let him train the new hire who happens to be a cute Mexican woman. She also seems to have a thing for “white boys” so who knows what will happen.

Issue 4 also includes the sequel to The Emoji Killer. Kevin is either going to end up shot or humiliated. He’s never the hero.

The Cynic Comics Digest Issue 3: The Emoji Killer
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Kevin’s night job as a mini-mart clerk is filled with adventure. Well, if you call dealing with homeless drunks, red-headed hookers and his roommate wanting to shoplift sugar and porn an adventure. Then comes someone who puts a gun to his head wearing an emoji mask…
Also included: “The origin of Doyle.” How did Kevin acquire an apartment dwelling guinea pig that cooks and cleans? According to Doyle, it was through exploitation.
And as with every Cynic Comics Digest you get one shot gags. I included a really film geek moment from Scott. I can’t recommend his viewing choices, but I am guilty of watching them.


The Cynic Comics Digest Issue 2: Java Juggies
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Heather is out of control! Her new job is as a bikini barista, only the bikini part keeps coming off as she exploits coffee-loving men who need a tease. Sonja, her roommate, has had enough of her antics and sexpresso stands and launches into a protest to shut it all down. Scott, of course, is now a coffee addict as he ogles the baristas and wastes his money. And a new competitor jumps into the fray with their own tiny tits and coffee. It becomes all out war! Of course, who gets stuck in the middle of it? Kevin, who would rather just have a beer at this point.

Mature Readers (or immature if you prefer)


The Cynic Comics Digest Issue 1: Taboo Toilet Paper
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Kevin has a dreary life as a cashier at a mini-mart and knows it! He was supposed to grow up to be a great writer, but everything went to shit.
In a moment of depression while sitting in the tub he’s inspired to write his first major novel–but what on? There’s only toilet paper. And what with? All he has is his own blood. See what comes about when Scott and Doyle discover his taboo toilet paper…
Plus a bonus story: Heather enters a living doll contest at the local anime convention. Sonja is not amused. Scott is definitely amused!

Adult Humor