The Cynic Gang is Back


After all this time, The Cynic comic is back for Kindle and the Kindle app and the site has been repaired so I’ll be adding bonus material and reformatting some classic (questionably classic) material to add as well.

The official comic strip ended in 2007, I explain more in the About page, but last year I went digging through the strips and comic pages and found quite a bit of unfinished pieces and stories, including scripts that were still relevant. There was also some work I did for other sites and publications that had never been collected which needed some coloring work and editing (man, the mistakes I find!). I decided to start a digest series (not sure what else you would call it?) collect it all and then add new comic book stories. For the eBook price of around $2.99 an issue you get 50-60 pages of material which I believe is a fair deal considering the amount of hours of work that go into each page (we cartoonists are crazy on the time we spend just to get a laugh or a groan out of a reader).

Considering the hyper market that exists now with a flood of creators it hardly seems worth it from a commercial standpoint, but I remember as a young artist discovering all kinds of “underground” comics and ‘zines that never made any one rich. I loved those publications, saved most of them and believe in the act of creating. If you stop moving you may be dead…