Digest Issue 1: Taboo Toilet Paper

The first issue in The Cynic Comics Digest series concerns toilet paper. Yes! Toilet paper. Why? Because Kevin has written his life’s work on it and now his roommates want to use it for their bodily functions. It’s art versus a good wipe. Which one will win! Buy it now or here’s a preview with sample pages:


The cover does display a big “M” for mature readers. Honestly, it’s just adult humor and cartoon nudity, nothing to be offended by…though I’m a poor judge of what is offensive. Two stories are included: Taboo Toilet Paper and The Living Doll Contest.  We start with Taboo Toilet Paper where Kevin questions his life as he walks home from another dismal night of work. I’ll let you read what happened at work in the book.


Yes, it’s not fun to be felt up by homeless people. Kevin soaks in a tub of depression and suddenly is inspired to write. The question is can he write an entire novel while taking a bath? Here he realizes he has a long ways to go because someone else shows up unexpectedly.


If you’ve never read the comic strip in the past, Kevin has a secret crush on Sonja. It’s doubtful he would ever have a chance with this lovely Latin liberal.

Now Kevin confronts his roommates who are out to destroy his act of creation. It only gets worse from here, and you should have seen what they tried to do before this declaration below.


The Living Doll Contest, our second story: I don’t want to give too much away, but as you can see from the preview comic below, Kevin lost a bet to Scott and Heather really doesn’t understand what “anime” is or even how to dress properly for a convention. It’s not hard to see how she would end up in a living doll contest by the end of the story. The woman likes to show off her birthday suit!


Like what you see? It’s an impulse buy, I agree! Grab it for your Kindle or Kindle app at Amazon.