Digest Issue 2: Java Juggies

The second digest issue of The Cynic for Kindle wasn’t originally going to be “Java Juggies,” but instead a story about Heather appearing on a nude news webcast that upsets Pastor Pratt. I bumped that story in order to move it to the fourth issue because I felt if I didn’t get “Java Juggies” in now, it would throw off any future stories. “Java Juggies” was the comeback story for The Cynic in 2010 when I was encouraged by a client to bring the comic back to life. It is ridiculous fun and is inspired by a stretch of highway near where I live that features bikini baristas. A couple of them have been busted for prostitution (who would have thunk?). Sex sells coffee and everything else!

In order to beef up the issue I added a new storyline with a beach trip because, well, I was at the beach when I wrote it–and two sketch pinups. For the new story I used full comic book pages. Going forward, the digest series will feature a combination of comic strip stories and full comicbook pages as well as pinups. I’d like to think The Cynic Comics Digest series is a twisted version of Archie comics, only they aren’t in high school and Betty and Veronica are both teases while Heather doesn’t tease (she delivers) and Sonja refuses to be associated with the objectification of the female form. Kevin is no Archie, far too pessimistic and out of shape, and Scott isn’t Reggie…well, sort of, they’re both dickheads. Here’s a preview of “Java Juggies” with sample pages:


So we start with Heather lamenting the fall in membership to her Strippercize gym. She needs a new, higher paying job in the world of self-exploitation. Why not serve coffee and expose herself?


Kevin doesn’t go much for strippers and overpriced coffee, but Heather ensnares him like usual. It’s always the innocent that suffer.


Scott finds out about Java Juggies next and becomes a coffee addict, but even more important, Sonja finds out and rallies her loyal feminists to launch an assault.


From here on in it’s a battle of caffeine inspired madness. Did I mention the North Korean Bitch, otherwise known as NKB, returns to face off with Heather using her own coffee stand? The final strips are all out war!

But we transition into a more peaceful story of a beach trip…


Yes, Scott is a pervert! See if Doyle gets his castle made and enjoy a tranquil moment with Sonja only to be ruined by Kevin and his cynical outlook.

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