Digest Issue 3: The Emoji Killer

For issue 3 I wanted to experiment with one story called The Emoji Killer that was a hybrid between a comic strip and a comic book page. I think eventually it turned into regular comic book pages as usually with comic strips the last panel is a finisher (like a gag or joke). There was just too much material to keep treating it as a comic strip.

Kevin is at his job dealing with a homeless shopper who doesn’t want to pay for beer. Scott comes by to hassle him for sugar because Doyle needs it to make cookies (his favorite cookies)¬†and then there’s the weird little bald guy who is being solicited by a buxom red-headed lady of the night (which is a parody of…, well, you’ll figure it out when you read it).


Overall, the night is not going well and there’s a snowstorm to boot. Then comes a gun to the head. The Emoji Killer takes charge.


I did draw “The Origin of Doyle” as a comic strip story. Doyle, if you don’t know, is the guinea pig that lives with Kevin and Scott and basically is their cook and maid. I figure Doyle will tell numerous variations of how he ended up in the Kevin household and they’ll all paint Kevin in a bad light.


Bonus comic strips included. I always like to put in one shot gags and some oddball conversations in between the characters for extra laughs. The Cynic Comics Digest is a good time killer, easy to download to your Kindle or Kindle app and it does have panel zooming for smaller devices like smart phones. The material is meant for Mature Readers. I don’t personally think it’s offensive, but then I’m a cartoonist. My moral compass is suspect.

Next issue focuses on Scott’s new love interest at work and why he’s “Breaking the Business Behavior Code.” Let’s just say Pastor Pratt doesn’t approve of the secret office activities.