Digest Issue 4: Bad Behavior At Work

Issue 4 took forever to complete, but it’s up and ready at Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle App. It features Scott breaking the Business Code of Behavior at his customer service job after he is reluctantly asked to train an attractive new hire named Myra.

She happens to be Mexican, but is antagonistic towards “illegals” which makes Scott want her even more. Pastor Pratt (the wannabe pastor with a dayjob) arrives for his shift and blunders his way in to several violations of the Business Behavior Code. For a fundamentalist, workplace diversity and sexual harassment rules are the work of Satan and serve only to get the godly in trouble.

After work, Scott, in a convoluted plot to impress “possibly racist” Myra, tells Doyle to dress up like a Mexican stereotype. That way Scott can order him around and appear to be exploiting him as an illegal. Doyle doesn’t really get what all this means, but Sonja does.

Then we have part 2 of The Emoji Killer. Here’s the recap page if you haven’t read issue 3 (which you really need to. C’mon! This stuff is important!).

So now Kevin may be shot or just plain humiliated. Scott, who ran away from The Emoji Killer in issue 3–completely naked into the snow–may need reattachment surgery (for what I won’t say here). He’ll never be the same man again.

And as usual, the digest stories are broken up by comic strip humor and a rather disgusting sketch demonstrating Kevin’s miserable life. Grab a copy of issue 4 of The Cynic Comics Digest, but don’t read it at work!

Issue 5 is coming featuring “Naked News” with another showdown between Heather and Sonja on body exploitation.