Digest Issue 4: Bad Behavior At Work

Issue 4 took forever to complete, but it’s up and ready at Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle App. It features Scott breaking the Business Code of Behavior at his customer service job after he is reluctantly asked to train an attractive new hire named Myra.

She happens to be Mexican, but is antagonistic towards “illegals” which makes Scott want her even more. Pastor Pratt (the wannabe pastor with a dayjob) arrives for his shift and blunders his way in to several violations of the Business Behavior Code. For a fundamentalist, workplace diversity and sexual harassment rules are the work of Satan and serve only to get the godly in trouble.

After work, Scott, in a convoluted plot to impress “possibly racist” Myra, tells Doyle to dress up like a Mexican stereotype. That way Scott can order him around and appear to be exploiting him as an illegal. Doyle doesn’t really get what all this means, but Sonja does.

Then we have part 2 of The Emoji Killer. Here’s the recap page if you haven’t read issue 3 (which you really need to. C’mon! This stuff is important!).

So now Kevin may be shot or just plain humiliated. Scott, who ran away from The Emoji Killer in issue 3–completely naked into the snow–may need reattachment surgery (for what I won’t say here). He’ll never be the same man again.

And as usual, the digest stories are broken up by comic strip humor and a rather disgusting sketch demonstrating Kevin’s miserable life. Grab a copy of issue 4 of The Cynic Comics Digest, but don’t read it at work!

Issue 5 is coming featuring “Naked News” with another showdown between Heather and Sonja on body exploitation.

Digest Issue 3: The Emoji Killer

For issue 3 I wanted to experiment with one story called The Emoji Killer that was a hybrid between a comic strip and a comic book page. I think eventually it turned into regular comic book pages as usually with comic strips the last panel is a finisher (like a gag or joke). There was just too much material to keep treating it as a comic strip.

Kevin is at his job dealing with a homeless shopper who doesn’t want to pay for beer. Scott comes by to hassle him for sugar because Doyle needs it to make cookies (his favorite cookies) and then there’s the weird little bald guy who is being solicited by a buxom red-headed lady of the night (which is a parody of…, well, you’ll figure it out when you read it).


Overall, the night is not going well and there’s a snowstorm to boot. Then comes a gun to the head. The Emoji Killer takes charge.


I did draw “The Origin of Doyle” as a comic strip story. Doyle, if you don’t know, is the guinea pig that lives with Kevin and Scott and basically is their cook and maid. I figure Doyle will tell numerous variations of how he ended up in the Kevin household and they’ll all paint Kevin in a bad light.


Bonus comic strips included. I always like to put in one shot gags and some oddball conversations in between the characters for extra laughs. The Cynic Comics Digest is a good time killer, easy to download to your Kindle or Kindle app and it does have panel zooming for smaller devices like smart phones. The material is meant for Mature Readers. I don’t personally think it’s offensive, but then I’m a cartoonist. My moral compass is suspect.

Next issue focuses on Scott’s new love interest at work and why he’s “Breaking the Business Behavior Code.” Let’s just say Pastor Pratt doesn’t approve of the secret office activities.

Digest Issue 2: Java Juggies

The second digest issue of The Cynic for Kindle wasn’t originally going to be “Java Juggies,” but instead a story about Heather appearing on a nude news webcast that upsets Pastor Pratt. I bumped that story in order to move it to the fourth issue because I felt if I didn’t get “Java Juggies” in now, it would throw off any future stories. “Java Juggies” was the comeback story for The Cynic in 2010 when I was encouraged by a client to bring the comic back to life. It is ridiculous fun and is inspired by a stretch of highway near where I live that features bikini baristas. A couple of them have been busted for prostitution (who would have thunk?). Sex sells coffee and everything else!

In order to beef up the issue I added a new storyline with a beach trip because, well, I was at the beach when I wrote it–and two sketch pinups. For the new story I used full comic book pages. Going forward, the digest series will feature a combination of comic strip stories and full comicbook pages as well as pinups. I’d like to think The Cynic Comics Digest series is a twisted version of Archie comics, only they aren’t in high school and Betty and Veronica are both teases while Heather doesn’t tease (she delivers) and Sonja refuses to be associated with the objectification of the female form. Kevin is no Archie, far too pessimistic and out of shape, and Scott isn’t Reggie…well, sort of, they’re both dickheads. Here’s a preview of “Java Juggies” with sample pages:


So we start with Heather lamenting the fall in membership to her Strippercize gym. She needs a new, higher paying job in the world of self-exploitation. Why not serve coffee and expose herself?


Kevin doesn’t go much for strippers and overpriced coffee, but Heather ensnares him like usual. It’s always the innocent that suffer.


Scott finds out about Java Juggies next and becomes a coffee addict, but even more important, Sonja finds out and rallies her loyal feminists to launch an assault.


From here on in it’s a battle of caffeine inspired madness. Did I mention the North Korean Bitch, otherwise known as NKB, returns to face off with Heather using her own coffee stand? The final strips are all out war!

But we transition into a more peaceful story of a beach trip…


Yes, Scott is a pervert! See if Doyle gets his castle made and enjoy a tranquil moment with Sonja only to be ruined by Kevin and his cynical outlook.

Get a copy of The Cynic Digest: Issue 2 – Java Juggies for your Kindle or Kindle app.

Digest Issue 1: Taboo Toilet Paper

The first issue in The Cynic Comics Digest series concerns toilet paper. Yes! Toilet paper. Why? Because Kevin has written his life’s work on it and now his roommates want to use it for their bodily functions. It’s art versus a good wipe. Which one will win! Buy it now or here’s a preview with sample pages:


The cover does display a big “M” for mature readers. Honestly, it’s just adult humor and cartoon nudity, nothing to be offended by…though I’m a poor judge of what is offensive. Two stories are included: Taboo Toilet Paper and The Living Doll Contest.  We start with Taboo Toilet Paper where Kevin questions his life as he walks home from another dismal night of work. I’ll let you read what happened at work in the book.


Yes, it’s not fun to be felt up by homeless people. Kevin soaks in a tub of depression and suddenly is inspired to write. The question is can he write an entire novel while taking a bath? Here he realizes he has a long ways to go because someone else shows up unexpectedly.


If you’ve never read the comic strip in the past, Kevin has a secret crush on Sonja. It’s doubtful he would ever have a chance with this lovely Latin liberal.

Now Kevin confronts his roommates who are out to destroy his act of creation. It only gets worse from here, and you should have seen what they tried to do before this declaration below.


The Living Doll Contest, our second story: I don’t want to give too much away, but as you can see from the preview comic below, Kevin lost a bet to Scott and Heather really doesn’t understand what “anime” is or even how to dress properly for a convention. It’s not hard to see how she would end up in a living doll contest by the end of the story. The woman likes to show off her birthday suit!


Like what you see? It’s an impulse buy, I agree! Grab it for your Kindle or Kindle app at Amazon.

The Cynic Gang is Back


After all this time, The Cynic comic is back for Kindle and the Kindle app and the site has been repaired so I’ll be adding bonus material and reformatting some classic (questionably classic) material to add as well.

The official comic strip ended in 2007, I explain more in the About page, but last year I went digging through the strips and comic pages and found quite a bit of unfinished pieces and stories, including scripts that were still relevant. There was also some work I did for other sites and publications that had never been collected which needed some coloring work and editing (man, the mistakes I find!). I decided to start a digest series (not sure what else you would call it?) collect it all and then add new comic book stories. For the eBook price of around $2.99 an issue you get 50-60 pages of material which I believe is a fair deal considering the amount of hours of work that go into each page (we cartoonists are crazy on the time we spend just to get a laugh or a groan out of a reader).

Considering the hyper market that exists now with a flood of creators it hardly seems worth it from a commercial standpoint, but I remember as a young artist discovering all kinds of “underground” comics and ‘zines that never made any one rich. I loved those publications, saved most of them and believe in the act of creating. If you stop moving you may be dead…